“For me it does not exist”: Bombo Fica responded with everything to Claudio Reyes’s criticism of the supposed millionaire payment

Bombo Fica did not miss the harsh criticism that Claudio Reyes launched against him and responded to his colleague with everything.

It all started when Reyes lashed out at the comedian, whom he considers his former friend, during a recent edition of Viernes Troll.

“How can you live with that money? (…) I was a friend of his. I am a witness to a festival, in my town, in Longaví, where it was fantastic and they paid him a million that you cannot explain it to you, ”launched the former Jappening with Ja, referring to the rumors of the millionaire payment that his colleague received for appearing at the next Huaso del Olmué Festival.

Reyes’ statements did not go unnoticed and this Tuesday, Bombo Fica communicated with the program Follow me and I follow you to respond fully to the actor.

“I want to clarify that I have never been friends with him,” the comedian clarified from the outset.

“For me it does not exist”

After this, Mauricio Israel told him that Reyes assured that they had been friends at some point.

“No, never, that’s a lie, we knew each other, we played ball, we met at some show… we had a cordial relationship as colleagues. But I don’t know him or his family, he doesn’t even know mine, we have never shared as friends, ”he explained.

Along the same lines, he assured that “the truth is a subject that does not interest me what Claudio Reyes says, because for me Claudio Reyes does not exist.”

The comedian also referred to the criticism of the former jappening with ha about his political position and the fact that he talks about it in his routines.

“What I do in my work is social criticism, I criticize the model, the system, but I have never talked about politics or even marked my position, what’s more, I make fun of it on stage. Right-wing people even go to see my show, this is quite transversal, ”clarified the comedian.

He also added that “it has nothing to do with me having an option or a political opinion.”

“But my shows are completely transversal, I have never done anything with allusion to party politics,” said Bombo Fica.

To end the topic, the comedian in a white suit insisted again that “it is not worth wearing out on something that a character can say which is of no importance to me, it does not exist for me. Just clarify that we were never friends.