“For me, I swear for my son…”: Thati Lira’s unexpected confession about Gala Caldirola

For some time now, Tathi Lira has become an obligatory subject in the showbiz panels. This, after her estrangement from Mauricio Isla.

However, everything indicates that now the lovebirds would be in the process of reconciliation. First, it was Raquel Argandoña who found out that she was kissing in a bar in the capital.

And now, It was the same brauca dancer who did not close the door to a supposed “remember” with the current player of Universidad Católica.

“Raquel was talking about that day, about my birthday… it’s just look, what happens is that I don’t know what it is, we get along very well, we’re fine, I adore Mauri and he loves me, we get along amazing . We had a great time together, “she acknowledged in dialogue with meter.

His relationship with Galla

But that is not all. In that same talk, Tathi talked about his relationship with Gala Caldirola, ex-wife of “Huaso”.

“I don’t know her, I shared in 2020 on Dancing for a Dream, and that program lasted very little due to the pandemic. I saw her in the corridors, I didn’t know her, she didn’t even dream of meeting Mauricio and then I never saw her again, “she acknowledged.

And along the same lines, he added: “For me, I swear to you for my son, it’s zero problem. It’s Mauricio’s past, I wasn’t there, I never was. I did not know them and that is why it is zero problem ”.

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