“For a clown”: Neymar is expelled for blatant simulation and they make him pebre on social networks

It is not the first time that the exaggerations of Neymar Jr. on the field, but this time the Brazilian fell into a rude simulation that earned him his expulsion from the game and an avalanche of criticism on social networks.

It was the 62nd minute of the match between PSG and Racing de Strasbourg, in the French Football League, and the forward reached the small area with the ball. From one second to the next he interrupted his play and fell noisily to the ground, without anyone touching him.

Probably Ney was looking for the collection of a penalty, but it was not necessary to be the sharpest referee to realize the size of the theater. The star already had a yellow card and that is why the judge took out the red card to take him out of the game.

PSG was complicated but Kylian Mbappé’s boss scored in the final minutes and gave his team a 2-1 victory.

They swept with Neymar

The video of the simulation went viral on social networks and was filled with comments. “The expulsion was for two things 1. Because of a clown 2. To celebrate the new year in Rio de Janeiro,” said a Twitter user.

“This is how Neymar and the Brazilians win and so much that they criticize Argentina. Football today is like that… everyone wants to win at all costs, whatever it takes,” said another.

“A desire to celebrate a quiet New Year… This kid is disrespectful of professionalism, and some put him at the level of Messi,” an Argentine lashed out on the bird’s social network.