Foie gras, champagne, yule logs… On the eve of Christmas, sales of flagship products are down

Baptiste Morin, edited by Laura Laplaud

As the end-of-year celebrations approach, sales of food products usually served at Christmas, such as foie gras or frozen logs, are down sharply in supermarkets compared to last year. According to the latest figures from the IRI panelist, sales of foie gras, for example, have fallen by 27%.

Seafood, capon, foie gras, yule log… Don’t forget anything for the end-of-year celebrations, especially since the supermarkets will be delighted to welcome you. For good reason, sales of party products have so far been in decline. Foie gras sales were down 27% last week compared to the same week last year, according to panelist IRI. The same goes for champagne, which saw a 19% drop in sales, and frozen logs, which saw a 17% drop.

+13% for foie gras

Why ? Inflation is probably weighing. The price of foie gras has increased by 13% and that of the bread on which you eat this foie gras by 17%. The price of fish and seafood has increased by 12% while poultry is experiencing an increase of 19%. Champagne is not spared – 7% more – and 22% increase for the traditional holiday dessert, frozen logs. There remains a little hope for the large surfaces. Maybe the World Cup simply delayed purchases? Or maybe, with Christmas falling on a Sunday, consumers planned to shop at the last minute? Maybe even some wait until the last moment by counting on promotions.