Foie gras, capon, yule log… these Christmas products that cost more this year

Noah Moussa
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9:30 a.m., December 24, 2022

Foie gras, cheese, toast, champagne… All these products will be on the Christmas Eve table this Saturday evening. But this year, because of inflation, the French had to pay a few euros more. The average basket for the holidays is indeed 107 euros against 93 euros last year.

Only a few more hours until Christmas Eve. You must have already noticed, the flagship products are on the rise. Foie gras, cheese, toast… You sometimes have to spend several euros more than last year to fully appreciate the inflation, especially in supermarkets.

The average holiday basket costs 107 euros this year

According to the IRI panelist, the average holiday basket cost us 93 euros last year. It costs us this year 107 euros, 14 euros more, or 15% increase. So in our starter basket, we have the essential semi-cooked foie gras, plus €5.85, or 13% more than last year. The increase can even go up to 30% on certain brands.

22% increase for the frozen log

Behind, we have our festive poultry which has increased by four euros. For a capon, for example, we go from an average cost of 19 to 23 euros, an increase of 19%. And for desserts, our pretty frozen yule log goes from three to five euros, or 22% more than last year. But fortunately, some products are less affected than others. This is the case for our bottle of champagne which only increases by 6%, and our box of chocolates which increases by 4%. Finally, something to console us for the 12% inflation that our party products have suffered on average this year.