Flamengo fan harassed a journalist before the match: he is detained

Not everything was happiness this Wednesday for a Flamengo fan, who before the commitment that led to the classification of his team to the final of the Copa Libertadores de América, was the protagonist of a reprehensible action, which cost him to follow the match behind bars.

It happened in the middle of a live dispatch for the chain ESPN, when the journalist Jéssica Dias delivered the latest information about the Mengão. So, this fan came over and before she could give the pass to the studio, he kissed her without her consent. The images quickly went viral and generated all kinds of reproaches on social networks.

And while that was happening, as soon as they left the air, both the cameraman and the producer who accompanied Dias launched themselves in search of the man, who was handed over to the police. They identified him as Marcelo Benevides Silva, and the uniformed personnel took him detained to the offices located inside the Maracana Stadium. According to the chronicler’s account, the guy’s harassment began even before the office.

At the police station, Benevides had to appear before the Special Criminal Court, which decided to place him in preventive detention. He was later transferred to the 19th DP, na Tijuca, and is waiting to testify again. If the precautionary measure is upheld, he will go to prison.

Flamengo, upon learning of what had happened, lamented the actions of the fan on its official channels: “The Regatas de Flamengo club repudiates the harassment committed by a black fan of ESPN journalist Jéssica Dias during a report before tonight’s match. . It is unfortunate that disgusting acts like this, which do not represent our Nation, still happen.”

“Our reporter Jéssica Dias was today the victim of harassment at the door of the Maracana, where she worked covering Flamengo vs. Velez. Attitudes like this do not fit on our planet today, whether in a football match or in any woman’s house. Our team, which accompanied Jéssica, managed to retain the aggressor and asked the police to send him to the Maracanã police station, “they wrote, meanwhile, from ESPN in a statement.

“Jéssica, as every woman should do, filed a police report. ESPN and Disney repudiate any type of aggression against women. The company will fully support our reporter and we hope that the aggressor will be sanctioned with all the rigor that the law allows”, they closed.

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