Five soccer players who sexually abused a young woman are sentenced to six years in prison

The Italian justice sentenced five soccer players who were active in Virtus Verona of Serie C, to six years in prison, each, for sexually abusing a 20-year-old student in January 2020.

This reprehensible act occurred on January 18 and 19 of that year, when the young woman, together with a friend who was from her school (one of the soccer players involved in the situation), arrived at the apartment where she shared with four other friends who were between 21 and 29 years.


Those involved in the terrible act are the Italians Edoardo Merci, 23, who now plays for the University of Arkansas team; Gianni Manfrin, 29, the only one still at Virtus Verona, in Serie C; Stefano Casarotto, 26, who now plays for Luparense in Serie D; Romanian Daniel Onescu, 29, who plays for Dolomiti Bellunesi in Serie D; and the Argentine Guido Santiago Visentín, now at Cittadella in Serie B.

The Italian media stated that the young woman was playing with the defendants with some cards, in order to drink alcohol.

The young woman in this challenge drank three 66-liter beers, in addition to that, she also consumed two glasses of gin with lemon.

The victim began to feel bad, since she felt drunk, and she became unconscious, after a while she realized that the group was sexually abusing her. After the situation, the young woman asked them to stop, however that did not happen.

Of all of them, one did not actively participate in the terrible event. After three years of investigation, the investigating judge sentenced the soccer players with the penalty that she requested in the first instance at the Verona Prosecutor’s Office, she considered all the men equally guilty.

The victim received compensation from the five subjects, something that the judge in the case considered mitigating.