Fitbit inspire 3, a smart bracelet to improve our quality of life

photo credit: infogate by iPhone

After a week using the Fitbit inspire 3 health and physical activity bracelet, I can tell you that it is very versatile, comfortable and practical to use.

Fitbit bracelets are designed and intended for people who seek continuous monitoring of their health and physical activity, since with the inspire 3 you can always be aware of the step count, heart rate and a special notification In case of an irregular heart rhythm, the oxygen in the blood is monitored throughout the day, and it has notifications of other health conditions that are important to obtain an optimal quality of health.

Set up quickly and easily via the Fitbit app on your smartphone, it’s compatible with both iOS and Android, and includes a membership to 6 months of Fitbit Premium free (after that period you have to pay it or otherwise you have to give up before the period).

The inspire 3 wristband is available in 3 colours: black, pink and yellow (in the box it includes two interchangeable straps, either small or medium), it also includes the cable to charge it but does not include the charger (compatible with iPhone charger or similar).

The inspire 3 charges quickly at around 1 hour and the battery charge lasts up to a week of continuous use.

Photo credit: infogate by iPhone

The design of the inspire 3 is modern, the screen can be configured to turn on when you move your wrist and is always on with a dimmed tone during the day, the wallpaper can be customized according to our tastes and needs.

As for the available apps, they are configured from the Fitbit app from the smartphone and the monitoring of daily activities is also checked on our phone.

One of the highlights of the premium membership are:

  • Stress management: It allows us to evaluate our state of mind on a daily basis.
  • Sleep: It measures our quality of sleep, the hours needed for a good rest.
  • Mindfulness: Here you can find videos to learn to meditate and you will find a report of your relaxation activity.
  • Health: Your heart rate, the amount of water you drink daily, your weight and diet are some of the things that you can check here through your inspire 3.

In addition, the app has a variety of sports content with training classes from renowned Les Mills trainers, Yoga classes and other focused sports training.

In summary: The inspire 3 bracelet is not a smartwatch, but rather a band or bracelet, and it is designed to avoid a sedentary life, delivering notifications of health and physical activity necessary to improve the quality of life, as well as providing technological tools that motivate to move and play sports. It can be used by young people and adults.

And now that Christmas is approaching, it can be an excellent alternative to give away.

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