Final Fantasy VII Game News: Discover this mod that adds voices to the original FF7

Do you want to enter first final fantasy VII, but it is difficult for you due to the technical and artistic limitations of the time? Or would you just like to rediscover this seminal game in a new light? The Tsunamods team is at your disposal. The team of modders has been working on a colossal project for several years to give a voice to the entire cast of the most cult Final Fantasy of all time.

The most famous Final Fantasy

At the beginning of 2023, final fantasy 7is about to celebrate his birthday. The seventh installment of the most famous J-RPG sagas was released in Japan on January 31, 1997. An important date, therefore, for all fans of the exceptional adventure of Cloud and the AVALANCHE team. Almost 26 years later, millions of sales, a spin-off, an animated film and a series of remakes, FF7 enjoys legendary fame, a game currently considered one of the greatest representatives of the genre and the best work in the Final Fantasy saga.

Although many gamers discovered or rediscovered the title through Final Fantasy VII RemakeThe original version of the game did not fall into disuse. However, after 26 years, it is true that Square’s game (which became Square Enix in 2003) has revealed all its secrets and now supports the weight of the years. An observation that the Tsunamods team wishes to remedy with their project.

Final Fantasy VII: Check out this mod that adds voices to the original FF7

The voices of FF7

On the eve of its 26th birthday, Final Fantasy VII I is still very much alive. The game is available on most platforms in its original version, with its original mechanics, setting, and graphics. However, it will soon be possible to give it a little rejuvenation with this new mod.

The Tsunamods team has been working on a titanic project for several years to bring the complete dubbing to the first version of the game. Following the spirit of the game and retro productions, the Tsunamods team will soon offer its Echo-S 7 mod to offer voice acting for the entire cast of FF7.

Its launch is scheduled for January 13.The ECHO-S 7 project is the first in the ECHO-S series. Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX are expected to receive the same treatment as their big brother later on. In the meantime, you can already take a look at the work done on FF7 with the trailer available just below.