Filter the first images of Battlefield 6


For some time now we have known from Electronic Artsthat a new Battlefield will arrive sometime this year, and that not only will DICE be in charge, but also the Criterion Games team, which according to them will be their most ambitious game.

Several things have already been said about Battlefield 6, however, no official information or trailer of the next EA war game has yet been published, however, a few hours ago a couple of images would have been leaked that according to the source, they would be part of the trailer for this new game.

As we can see in the two leaked images, the game, as has been said on previous occasions, will focus on a more modern war and it seems that there will be a great prominence of dynamic elements in the scenarios, such as storms, missile launches and probably the already missed “Levelution”.

According to Tom Hendersona well-known Leaker of information about the new Battlefield, these two images are real and would correspond to the trailer that Electronic Arts will soon launch to announce this new game.

I’m not sure why the leaker has decided to capture the exact same shots (although the heli shot is a few frames out) but the screen grabs where likely captured via zoom or something like that – Which explains the low quality.

We’re not long away now :)— Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) May 1, 2021

Although we still don’t see any movements from the company to give us more information, the fact that these images have begun to travel the internet suggests that very soon we will have a teaser or something related to Battlefield, which as many have noticed, until Social Network accounts of the game have changed their covers and profile photos.