“FIFA wanted to shit us, there you have them; bye Holland”: the controversial phrase that cost Momo the exit, the voice of Argentina in the World Cup

In Qatar, Gerónimo Benavides was fulfilling his lifelong dream. The kid’s dream, literally. The streamer, known as Momo, who has one million three hundred thousand followers on YouTube, was chosen to accompany the Argentine team. And to encourage the public in the run-up to the matches that Lionel Scaloni’s team would play in the World Cup. The privilege came to him until the duel against the Netherlands, when he lost all composure and lashed out at everything in the midst of the tense duel between the squads of Lionel Scaloni and Louis Van Gaal.

That everything includes FIFA. From the very field of play, the influencer insults the very organizer of the World Cup. That is most likely the explanation why your accreditation has been withdrawntogether with the honor that being close to Lionel Messi and company implied, as he dreamed of, in a yearning in which he represented all his compatriots.

In light of his words, Momo had little to defend herself. An audiovisual record shows exactly the words that FIFA considered to expel him. “We shit on everyone who wants to shit on us. FIFA wanted to shit us, there you have them. Bye Holland, go to the shell of your mother”, he can be heard saying clearly”, in a video that was being broadcast live, with the attention of thousands of followers around the world.

It goes without saying that the content violates all the rules of conduct related to a person who was accredited by the body.

Momo apologized. “Unfortunately, today FIFA informed me that I will no longer be the voice of the stadium when the National Team plays. Without many explanations they gave me to understand that part is as a result of what happened against the Netherlands. This thread is only to thank those who supported me, apologize”, part saying through his Twitter account.

To those who feel that I failed them, or perhaps they did not feel that I did well what I had to do from my humble place. Honestly, I tried to be the voice of each one of you, as Argentine as possible, without acting it, feeling it and expressing myself as you would. Be one more, as always”, he manifests through his Twitter account.

“This beautiful and fucking work has come this far, I hope I have not disappointed you and you will see me vlogging from anywhere, encouraging as always, singing as always, because the important thing is that Argentina reaches the top, not my role. I was a little link of something beautiful”, he raises, by way of farewell.