FIFA gives a new slam to Chile’s World Cup illusion: rejects appeal in the Byron Castillo case

FIFA gives a new slam to the illusion of Chile to qualify for the World Cup by administrative means. The Appeals Chamber of the entity that governs world football rejected the new arguments presented by the national defense, headed by the Brazilian lawyer Eduardo Carlezzoregarding the alleged irregular participation of Byron Castillo in the last Qualifiers, and confirmed that Ecuador will be one of the South American representatives in the World Cup in Qatar.

The determination ratifies what was decided by the first instance of the legal structure of the same organization. 10th of Junethe FIFA Disciplinary Committee had settled the matter, also in favor of the federation of the country of Guayas. On that occasion, the entity chaired by Gianni Infantino considered, in summary terms, that it could not contradict decisions adopted by the Ecuadorian national authoritiesthose that had ratified through judicial sentences the nationality of Castle. In this context, in what strictly refers to football, the current side of the León de México could be considered eligible for Gustavo Alfaro’s team, which flatly ruled out the Chilean claims to invalidate it and, mainly, to obtain the points.

“The FIFA Appeal Committee has ruled on the appeals filed by the Chilean Football Federation (FFCH) and the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) against the decision taken by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee relating to potential breach by Byron David Castillo Segura of the call criteria to participate with the national team of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) in eight qualifying matches, corresponding to the preliminary phase of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™”, introduces an official communication from FIFA.

Then, give an account of the resolution. “After analyzing the documentation received from the parties and holding the corresponding hearing, the Appeal Commission ratified the decision of the Disciplinary Commission to close the investigation of the case initiated against the FEF. Based on the documentation received, among other considerations, it has been estimated that the player should be considered a holder of permanent Ecuadorian nationality, in accordance with art. 5, par. 1 of the Regulations Governing the Application of the FIFA Statutes“, Explain.

“The decisions of the Appeal Commission have been notified today to the affected parties. This decision is subject to appeal before the Court of Arbitration for Sport”, he maintains, finally, realizing the last possible step.

Chile, in any case, will not give up. You have 10 days to request the grounds for the new ruling and, subsequently, you will have 21 days to submit the respective appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, TAS by its French acronym., the highest instance in sports justice and, by the way, the last chance to reverse the unfavorable opinion. The leadership presided over by Pablo Milad has already decided to attend that instance, a determination that, by the way, all the interveners in the case were already clear about.

However, that option is not expected to be easy either. Apart from the fact that the judges will have in view two coincident rulings against Chile, the big problem is the short timeframe for the body to meet, review and resolve the case, considering that the World Cup starts in November. There lies another variable. Although the regulations allow the performance of an abbreviated procedure, that output depends on an agreement between the parties involved. Ecuador has repeatedly stated which will not be available for that deal.

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