Felipe Seymour responded after Juli Zeitune’s words

The captain of the U Philip Seymour attended a press conference from the Blue Sports Center just hours after her partner, the presenter Juli Zeitune, I said that “Diego López has to go”among other things.

the steering wheel of University of Chile He referred to the sayings of Zeitune and said that “first, make it clear to my partner that she is an excellent professional. There is no information leak and it is a personal opinion regarding a specific topic”.

It is an opinion that I do not share. We discussed it and the most important thing was to talk with the coaching staff and with my teammates, for what it means and for what I think in relation to what is happening today”, added Seymour.

There is absolute support for the coaching staff, for Diego and it is also an issue that I discussed with my teammates, that I made it transparent, that I wanted to discuss it with them and that is already a closed issue. Today the only important thing is Coquimbo”, he concluded.

Regarding the lost classic with UC and what is to come, Seymour pointed out that “It hurt us a lot to lose the classic, with our people, in the National Stadium after so long. It makes us angry, but there are seven games left that are fundamental for us. The feeling of the group is to go game by game and a final against Coquimbo is coming”.

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