@feffitapaz: “I am a loyal fan of the U, I could never stop following the team”

Javiera Paz González has become a true influencer. On his Instagram account (@feffitapaz), he already has more than 12,000 followers. There, he shares his passions, mainly soccer and his love for the University of Chile.

In dialogue with AS, “Feffa” talked about his life on social networks and also about his dreams for the future: he studies Sports Management and wants to work in something related to football.

“My passion for soccer runs in the family. My grandmother and my uncles are fans. When we all got together to watch the games, I felt a lot of happiness and euphoria when the goals were shouted. Needless to say when Chile won the Copa América. I began to cry with happiness and every time I enter a stadium my skin crawls. It is my favorite place”, says the influencer.

– He is a fan of the University of Chile…

– Yes, my passion for the U started when he lost a final with Colo Colo. There I saw so much grief and I felt so bad about my dad, my uncle bullying him… But I also saw the fans of the U, the very united bar and the colors were so beautiful that every time the U played I felt a lot happiness, until I became a loyal fan and I think I could never stop following them.

– And what do you think of the last years of the U?

– I think that the U is in a deep crisis due to the mismanagement of the club and the pressure to which its inexperienced players are exposed. I think Mauricio Pellegrino is a good coach, he can give him the order and hierarchy that the team needs.

– He is studying Sports Management. What would you like to work on in the future?

– I would like to be a football blogger, create content, work in the stadiums, notes for social networks, etc. That’s my goal. Hopefully I can work in big games, meet and learn as much as possible about football.

– He has several followers on Instagram and Tik Tok. Do you also see that as a job?

In Tik Tok I lack followers, the truth is that I left recently, but I have tried to make videos in an amateur way and it has not gone bad. And yes, I totally see it as a potential for what I want to do in my future.