“Farmers’ costs have increased by 35% over two years”, says the FNSEA

Chloe Lagadou

As prices continue to climb, some farmers are recording profits 27% higher than in 2019. A figure disputed by Christiane Lambert, president of the FNSEA, who explains to Europe 1 that if those who sell their products abroad are doing better, this is not the case for farmers who sell in France.

76% of French people believe that inflation will last, according to the result of an Ifop poll for the Sunday newspaper. Prices continue to climb as manufacturers have regained their pre-health crisis margins, according to the JDD. Farmers are also recording profits 27% higher than they had in 2019. But this figure would hide another reality, according to Christiane Lambert, the president of the FNSEA, the first French agricultural union.

“It is not thanks to trade in France that incomes have increased”

“It’s better for some because they sold more expensive abroad. They don’t sell to Leclerc, Super U and Carrefour. It’s not thanks to trade in France that income has increased. It’s international markets which make this strong increase in the income of farmers. But those who buy cereals to feed the French, for those it is not better, “says the president of the FNSEA at the microphone of Europe 1.

“Farmers’ costs have increased by 18% over the last year, 35% over two years. Pork production is falling in France. Do you think it’s because they earn a lot of money? No, it’s because they can’t get by. We continue to produce less food in France because the prices do not cover the costs that have soared”, concludes Christiane Lambert.