Fallout Game News: A Fan Remakes This Cult Episode In FPS And It’s Worth A Look

Fallout: This cult episode is remade by a fan in FPS and is worth checking out

Fallout is a saga that has been around for a long time. Purists of the saga still appreciate the first opus, which focused on turns and the remote camera… quite the opposite of this remake made by an attentive fan.

shelter in first person

Launched in 1997 for PC, the Fallout series was a far cry from what we know today.. Its view was isometric, its graphics quite rudimentary and it was a pure role-playing game, with turn-based combat. Fallout 2, released in 1998, thus followed a similar trajectory, creating a large community loyal to its cult adventure in many ways. Together they form the original era of a saga that has since taken up Bethesda… which turned FPS-RPGs around with the third installment, released in 2008.

At the time, the purchase caused quite a stir, shocking fans of the franchise who were eagerly awaiting an Interplay Fallout 3 in the truest tradition of the genre, which never saw the light of day. Yes today, If playing Fallout in first person is totally accepted today, one wonders what this aspect would have been like in the first installments. And that’s exactly what this intriguing remake is about.

Fallout 2, if not

This Fallout 2 remake Currently in development it is being piloted by Jonasz O., a Polish developer whose goal is clear: redo the game with a subjective camera. But not modernizing the graphics in particular, no, but keeping the look of the old school to respect the original material as much as possible.

This Fallout 2 3D Remake still allows you to choose between three characters at the beginning, distribute your skill points in various categories and find weapons as well known as the minigun or the base pistol. It’s clearly Fallout 2 in FPS and without the turn-based gameplay, but with the same 90s pixelated outfit.

For now, the redesign is not complete and has no release date, let’s hope Bethesda doesn’t ask for it to be cancelled. However, he enjoys some popularity online, especially in the Fallout fan community, which is far from exhausted: if you want to support Jonasz O., you can access his Patreon here.