Fall Guys and Satellite Stumble, its new season

Season 2 of Falls Guys, Satellite Trip, has arrived, which we present to you in detail here with the first mission and more.

Its arrival had been announced this Thursday, and at the end of Satellite Tropezón, the new season of Fall Guys, came with eight new rounds at launch plus new obstacles and round variants. In this second edition, the inhabitants of the Stumbling Dome will leave the relative safety of their planet for the first time, with high expectations of adventure. Explore the galaxy and discover orbiting obstacles, cosmic clues and all the puzzles that space has to offer. The new frontier also means stellar new costumes and plenty of new challenges. for our wobbly stars.

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Details of Satellite Trip

The eight nine rounds of throwing…

  • Tiptoe Colophon: Four squads compete for victory…on tiptoe. You have to be very careful in this round, as one wrong move could send you stumbling off into the cosmos.
  • Sky Map – Take a leap of faith and go down the unseen paths to the end of the race! In Sky Map, you will have to hit the buttons to reveal the path.
  • Pixel Perfect – Jump on the tiles to draw the correct patterns. You’ll need more than basic horoscope knowledge to win this round!
  • Cosmic highway – jump on rows of moving platforms. Miss by an inch in your space jump and you will pay a visit to the void.
  • Hyperdrive Heroes: Stay on the hovercraft and reach the finish line without falling off. But it just so happens that the hovercraft moves in a circular path. We like to keep your hair on end, don’t we?
  • Hexaterrestrial: Navigate floating platforms without making a single mistake. It’s easier said than done when you’re in the middle of SPACE.
  • Space Race: It’s the circuit, but in the stars. Do you understand, space cadet?
  • Frenzied Factory: Mashing those buttons non-stop for points! It is more difficult than it looks…

As other news, an additional 100 tiers have been added to the Season Pass, including three more costumes and plenty of crown shards. Fame gained from rounds has also been increased.

the first mission

Save the satellite from Fall Guys. By repairing, rebuilding, and redesigning this hunk of junk in the new astronomical arenas, you can be a part of creating the most dazzling elysium in the solar system, for all the little beans to orbit inside.

Your reward?

  • Nickname Space Bean – 200 points
  • 200 compliments – 300 points
  • Nameplate Space Program – 500 points
  • Stamped Mission Emblems – 800 points
  • Satellite Relay Backpack – 1000 points

Correction and improvements

  • Fame gained from rounds has been increased.
  • Fixed a visual bug on Nintendo Switch when encountering obstacles with full screen visual effects, such as Gravity Zones.
  • Levels that had been removed from the game have been added and are now available again in custom rooms.
  • Fixed a bug where special effects in the gravity zone would persist after a player was eliminated inside the zone.
  • Fixed a bug where players had to create new custom rooms in order to change shows.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause custom room shows to disband if all players were eliminated.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause both teams to rank in Power Drops.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be seen sliding into their starting pose when starting a match on Switch.
  • The Spotlight achievement now only requires a Legendary Top and Bottom.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong buttons were displayed for PS5 joysticks.

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