Facebook expands Pro Mode to all creators

MADRID, Nov. 2 (Portaltic/EP) –

Facebook has announced the global expansion of Professional Mode to all creators of the social network, an option that offers a series of additional tools of control and monetization of your content.

This mode offers users the opportunity to manage your professional profile from personal profile, without having to create and manage an additional Facebook page. In this way, from the same place you can have contact with family and friends as well as with clients.

Meta has now announced the global expansion of Pro Mode, which it defines as “a new way for creators to connect with their community, build their brand, and earn money,” as can be read on their website. Web page.

professional mode It is activated directly from the Settings section of each social network profile and includes features that unlock monetization opportunities for content creators.

Between them, Reel Play, a bonus program that allows owners of these accounts to earn money from the ‘reels’ they share. This format, for the moment, it is only available in the United States.

Another feature that professional mode users can access is the Stars program. It is a system that offers the opportunity to send and receive stars or badges in Facebook Reelsas well as live videos and videos ‘on demand’.

On the other hand, Meta has remembered the continuous launch of so-called ‘in-stream’ ads for creators in professional mode. These will allow them to earn money by inserting ads before the content is played, during or at the end.

Likewise, it has indicated that it is incorporating and testing subscriptions in professional mode, so that followers and interested parties can further demonstrate their support for creators and their content.

Meta has also pointed out that users who activate this mode in their profiles will be able to access, from their Facebook profile, features that were previously exclusive to the pages. Between them, the ‘Suggestions for you’ section, the featured fans section, which helps to identify the most dedicated fans in that profile and reward them with a badge. Is will appear next to their names when they comment on posts.

Pro Mode also makes it easy to invite friends to follow other creators and features a notification system that highlights the most popular posts, as well as collaborations on reels and promotions of certain contents to public who don’t follow them and who might be interested in their creations.


Creators who turn on Pro Mode will now be able to use the Pro Dashboard, a management center for content performance, analyze the ‘reels’ and monetization statistics and access the user guide for this format.

On the other hand, this mode has an updated profile design, in which the category of each content creator is included. In addition, the publication editor offers the possibility of schedule the ‘posts’ in advance and the Creator Help Center gives expanded access to technical support and training materials.

Other additional functions of the professional mode are the moderation assistant, that controls the comments of other users in the publications and manages them based on previously configured criteria, and the figure of Community Manageramong other.