explanation of the duration of the game

you are wondering how long does it take to beat modern warfare 2 campaign 2022? Well, the length of a campaign in any Call of Duty game isn’t long, so you shouldn’t expect Modern Warfare 2 to be any different. But with a franchise lineage and some new and returning characters, we hope that Infinity Ward gives each of them enough time.

How long to beat the Modern Warfare 2 campaign?

We currently don’t know how long it takes to beat the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 campaign., since the campaign just came out so no one has beaten it yet. But, Modern Warfare (2019) and other Call of Duty games are usually in the 5-7 hour range. So we can expect a similar length here.

Once we’ve beaten the campaign and seen all the missions in the mission list, we’ll be sure to update this guide. But fear not that this is all, as there may be campaign DLC in the future, according to leaks.

So with that knowledge of how long to beat the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, you can start tackling some of the extra activities in the campaign, like searching for collectibles or trying out some of the harder difficulty modes.