Expected: Gotham Knights will receive a major update to improve its performance

A game that has given much to talk about is Gotham Knightsa week after its launch, the game has been involved in controversy, has divided the media and to the players, in the debate related to their performance in the current systems and the non-conformity with it.

The game looks sensational on a visual level, that cannot be denied, but beyond looking fantastic, there is an undercurrent related to the stability of the game and the rate of images per second, because in fact the title runs at 30 fps (on top of that are stable) and from the portal of Digital Foundry They have shared that there are specific occasions in which notable drops are appreciated, affecting performance and therefore our experience when playing.

Update on the way to optimize Gotham Knights performance

The game will be updated soon from the account in Twitter of the game, it is addressed that the team in charge of the development of Gotham Knightsis hard at work for an update that can improve overall performance for the best gaming experience possible.

Although the joy may be imminent for users, at the moment we do not have a release date or window for this expected substantial improvement, which will focus on the performance of consoles. Now, at the end of next week a small update will be received to correct, apparently, minor details that have been presented in the title since its launch.