“Everything will be known”: Latife Soto surprises with enigmatic predictions for 2023

“In June I spoke that the economic part was going to be complicated and it is. So, today we are not having such a good time and I wanted to talk to you about some things that will not be easy”.

In this way, Latife Soto announced the presentation of her new book Predictions 2023. In the opinion of the tarot reader, the situation will continue to be complex in the coming months.

“There is a situation that I want you to begin to be very aware of. They ask me about security in the country and there is no security. If you ask me about crime, it increases every day. And if they ask me about security, we don’t have security,” continued the little witch, in a recent broadcast of instagram.

How is 2023 coming?

“If you add the numbers of 2023, it gives 7. That means it will be a year of militarization, of control. Yes, it is a year of control. That is why the idea is to take us all towards a formula, so that we all think and order ourselves the same”, added Latife.

Likewise, he clarified that “the way that this does not happen is to go inward and awaken consciousness. When you control your consciousness, you start to be more protected.”

In relation to the earthquakes, he anticipated “it is going to shake a lot and we have to be relaxed because we already know that our country is shaking.”

“For those who ask about the sixth withdrawal: they are going to have to give it, because things are going very badly economically, so they will have no choice but to help,” he added.

Finally, in an enigmatic prediction, the tarot reader announced that “2023 will be a year in which everything will come to light, for the same reason you will learn many things, tremendous things. Everything will be known.”