Everything collapsed! Flamengo fans don’t want anything with Vidal and ask him to go to Colo Colo

In Brazil they suggest that Arturo Vidal is determined to dig his own grave. If not, they do not explain how he made a statement as unfortunate as the one he made on Twitch, where he seemed to offer himself to Colo Colo, with the tantrum that he starred in this Wednesday during the match between Flamengo against Boavista, when he found out that he would not enter the field.

“If Colo Colo wants to fight for the Libertadores, let him come look for me and we’ll go,” said the “King” specifically in his live broadcast. Half joking, half serious? Namely. The truth is that the statement did not go down well with the Mengão fans, who came out to protest on social networks.

“I wasn’t enjoying Vidal’s time at Flamengo and now with this video, for me, he can leave today, he only came to Flamengo because of hype”, was the harsh opinion of a torcedor. Another, along the same lines, assured that “Vidal asking to go to Colo-Colo is the moment that contributed the most to Flamengo.”

“Vidal gave the perfect statement to reach an agreement with Flamengo and terminate his contract. He is only on vacation in Rio de Janeiro ”, shot a third. “He will not contribute anything else to the club due to his physique and age,” he liquidated him.

A story that, everything indicates, is coming to a sad end, even when the beginning was quite the opposite: in July 2022, when the King was presented in Flamengo, the fans were delirious just by seeing him, and they were excited about his performance and the expressions of affection that the national midfielder had dedicated to the club.

Few minutes

Another of the reasons that seem to distance Vidal from any continuity in the Rio de Janeiro team is the few minutes he has this season. If 2022 was just an alternative, entering the second half, without much prominence, this year started worse for the “King” who is hardly considered.

Proof of this is what happened yesterday, in the match against Boavista, in which he did not enter the field, and true to his style, the midfielder retaliated by throwing a bottle at the grass.

“What happened there was a moment of discontent. We know that he is a great player, that he is competitive, that he wants to be playing, ”his teammate Everton Ribeiro defended him in front of the microphones.

He added: “We all know that there could be a better time to do it, which is off the pitch. But it surprises us because it is a type of group, it is always looking for the best”.

What will happen now?