“Even if your eye hurts …”: Paty Maldonado responded without filter to the political criticism that Tal Cual’s debut received

This Monday night the new TV+ program debuted, As it iswith the leadership of Raquel Argandoña and José Miguel Viñuela.

Paty Maldonado along with Pancha Merino, Jordi Castell and Iván Torres were the panelists invited to the new space that replaced on the screens I Late Prime.

The debut was marked by two important news: It surpassed its competition on La Red in rating, but it was not well received on social networks, since many left negative comments against the new program.

Maldonado referred to the criticism during the broadcast of his YouTube program, Las Indomables.

The opinologist -who returned to the small screen after her departure from Pleased to meet you– began the chapter thanking for their participation.

“We have also had criticism, as it should be, but I would say that the criticism we have had has been political,” he said.

Along the same lines, he launched without a filter that “those criticisms, with all the respect in the world, I put them in the (ass)… the policies I mean”.

“The good reviews are the ones that say ‘Look, I would like the show to have more of this…’, those are the reviews that one takes into account,” he added.

Finally, the opinologist responded emphatically to those who questioned the new TV+ project.

“The rest… it’s worth monkey callampa. And even if their asshole hurts, we’re going to continue,” Maldonado mocked.