‘Even Charola Pizarro instead’

It was a photo that unleashed the hatred of the fans of colo colo. One that showed several of his cracks of all time, very close together and smiling.

The image, shared by the account of Dale Albo’s Twitterportrayed figures such as Carlos Cazsely, Severino Vasconcellos and Luis Mena, where a smiling man was also seen Paul Contreras.

A face that was not well received by those who profess their love for the Cacique, who immediately complained about this incorporation.

โ€œwhy do they include Paul Contreras?asked, for example, a netizen, while others remembered an ugly episode with the footballer.

Pablo Contreras and the wave of bad vibes

Thus, the followers of the leader of the National Championship recalled when, in the middle of the institution’s crisis, the defender was sold to Monaco of France.

โ€œI don’t forget that when we were bad, Pablo Contreras started like a rat. Mercenary does not deserve to wear the dawn. Instead, Espina was bankrupt and came at the worst time. Idol, that is not forgotten “pointed out a user of the platform.

Even in the midst of hate the Albos Data account shared another snapshot of the same moment, where more historical players and even the humorist were seen Pizarro Trayall wearing a white uniform.

A fact in which some also repaired. โ€œEven Charola Pizarro seems fine to me instead of Pablo Contrerasโ€, expressed another colocolino fan.

Thus, the photographs of the Colo Colo cracks brought out hives on social networks due to the appearance of Pablo Contreraswho earned all the criticism after posing in them with a smile.