‘European’ reinforcement? Daniel Arrieta revealed Gustavo Quinteros’ new alternative to be a striker for Colo-Colo

Javier Correa has become the priority of the white coach, however, he is also negotiating with Miguel Merentiel. Along with them, a new name is added from Serie C in Italy.

Colo-Colo It already has six reinforcements to face the 2023 season, however, Gustavo Quinteros he is not entirely happy and demands the hiring of three new names. These positions to reinforce are the right back, left winger and center forward. This last area has some alternatives, being Javier Correa the priority of the white technician. Despite this, in Black and White they also handle other options such as Michael Merentielwith whom contacts have already begun.

However, apparently these negotiations have cooled down as the days go by, so the Cacique is already working on other footballers. It is like the name of a new center forward began to haunt in the preseason dawn in Argentina.

This is how he reported it Daniel Arrietawho during the program stopped ball of TNT Sports He commented that Popular is probing Franco Ferrari. According to the communicator, the 27-year-old Argentine player was named last Wednesday. ‘El Loco’, as he is nicknamed, measures 1.93 meters and militates in the Vicenza of the Italian Serie Csquad in which during the last season he scored 11 goals and gave three assists in 19 games.

Franco Ferrari is an option to reinforce Colo-Colo.

Ferrari carried out its minor series in Central Córdoba, Tiro Federal and Union de Santa Fé, although he was never able to debut in the trans-Andean league. This is because, given the lack of opportunities, he decided to try his luck in the country of the boot. It is there where he managed to play his first games in the Scandicciwho at that time was a member of the fourth division of that country.

In addition to that squad, Franco Ferrari has worn the jersey of several teams, the best known being those of Genoa, Bari, Livorno and Pescara. In these teams, the tall center forward has wandered through all categories of Italian football without being able to achieve football stability.