EUROPE 1 AND YOU – With the proliferation of promotions, do the sales still attract the French?

Chloe Lagadou

Every day, Europe 1 looks at an idea or a problem in your daily life. The 2023 winter sales start this Wednesday. An appointment usually eagerly awaited but with the proliferation of promotions throughout the year, the attraction for the sales seems to have faded. Are the French still there? Reply.

They are everywhere: -10%, -30% or even -50%. Promotions are part of our daily life. Impossible to miss the countless emails of promotions and showcases promising the lowest prices on the market. So professionals are wondering: will the 2023 winter sales starting this Wednesday attract customers?

Arms loaded with bags, filled with clothes, Catherine takes advantage of the latest private sale offers. Sales, very little for her. “We manage to find good deals throughout the year,” she confides when leaving a store. “Since they do the private sales, I don’t need to be there during the sales.”

Lionel and Eva never missed the sales in the past. “We had no choice, it was the sales or nothing,” said the couple. But today, prices and discounts are no longer attractive enough. “When you go for a garment at 300 euros, even with -50%, that’s still 150 euros,” says Lionel. “In stores, we see a maximum of -30% or -20%. Before, we had the possibility of buying things at -70% now, no, that no longer exists”, regrets Eva.

The challenge of the first sales weekend

And in the stores, we feel the end of the craze on the sales. The manager of this clothing store attests to this. “People were asking RTTs just to do the sales on Wednesdays, today this is no longer the case, it is no longer an expected meeting as it was before”, recalls Cédric. All of Cédric’s hopes rest on the first weekend of the sales, hoping that there will be many customers.