EUROPE 1 AND YOU – Salon de l’Agriculture 2023: despite inflation, are there good deals?

Clotilde Dumay

Every day, Europe 1 looks at an idea or a problem in your daily life. Faced with inflation, the French are trying to find solutions to pay less for their races. Among them, buy directly from producers. While the Salon de l’Agriculture has moved to Porte de Versailles, Parisians are trying to do good business there. But is it worth it?

While life is more and more expensive, the government spokesman, Olivier Véran, promises to put an end to the rise in prices. Inflation reached 6.2% in one year and the next few months promise to be even more difficult after the end of trade negotiations. So, to limit the cost of the shopping basket, we sometimes think of going directly to the producers. And for the Parisians, that’s good since some of them are currently installed Porte de Versailles for the Salon de l’Agriculture. So, are we really doing good business there?

“A lot of products have increased compared to previous years”

To prepare a small aperitif, one can think of buying “three beers for 9 euros in total”, shows a visitor. “From the sausage, we took about three varieties. We had it for 17 euros. I think it’s reasonable,” adds another. But be careful, for example with cheese: 39 euros per Saint-Nectaire farmer. “If you go to the farms, it will be 20 euros for Saint-Nectaire”, warns Maxime, a regular at the Salon de l’Agriculture. “There are still a lot of products that have increased compared to previous years. Everything that is wine, beer, meat, on-site consumption… It’s not cheap.”

On the other side of the counter, of course, we justify ourselves. “It’s a lot of work and a big penalty for the producers. So of course they have to be fairly remunerated. And they also suffer the consequences of inflation”, explains Émilie Rousset, the director of the Interprofession of Saint-Nectaire. “There was a slight price increase this year on whole cheeses of 1 to 2 euros, but that does not cover the additional costs linked to inflation.” So Sébastien, another regular at the agricultural show, is understanding and relativizes. “Everything increases, we may not necessarily look at the price and we have fun. You have to eat and eat good products.”