EUROPE 1 AND YOU – Christmas: lighting up your home must be done by reducing your energy bill

Maximilien Carlier

Every day, Europe 1 looks at an idea or a problem in your daily life. Illuminated houses at a time of energy sobriety. Some individuals do everything to decorate the facade of their house during the end of year celebrations. Garlands, balls of all kinds, Santas, sleds… All these objects made up of several hundred lights to bring a bit of joy. But how do they avoid seeing their bill soar? Illustration in Tressin, 1,400 inhabitants where one of Santa Claus’ houses is located.

Mélanie’s eyes sparkle when she sees the facade of Santa’s house. “There are Santas, Christmas trees, elves… Everything is lit up. It’s Santa’s house. It’s beautiful.” But alongside the children, some adults like Baptiste are asking questions. Should the magic of Christmas take place at a time of energy sobriety? “When you see the children and they ask for it, you understand that it’s important for them,” said the young man. “It’s good that some people do it, but I won’t.”

The question of the EDF bill

A passion that has lasted for several years for the owner of Santa Claus’ house, Yvon. But this winter, the illuminations last less and the bulbs have been changed. “In fact, we switched everything to LED because in terms of the EDF bill, it would cost us too much. Before, we lit up until 11 p.m. or midnight. But there, at 9 p.m. sharp, I turn it off.” A rise in energy prices which forced him to adapt the illuminations of his house for the holidays. “We want to please, bring a little joy, but this year … Well, Santa Claus has to be careful,” he concludes.