Erick Pulgar after filing a case for rape on his property: “They tried to close the case by asking us for money”

After a case for rape was filed in one of his properties, the soccer player Erick Pulgar was “happy that the truth has been reached.”

It should be remembered that, according to the complaint, the fact It would have happened in a house in Calera de Tangothe early morning of June 25.

However, the assistant prosecutor of San Bernardo, Andrea Rocha, specified that the case was closed “since, with the available information, it is not possible to carry out activities leading to the clarification of the facts.”

“In other words, there is no evidence of the events that were denounced, which is what I always maintained,” added the Flamengo midfielder.

case details

In the complaint to the Carabineros, NPMV reported that, after drinking alcohol, she only has a few flashes of memory, in which she maintained that she had been abused by two people, whom she identified as friends of the national team.

“None of this could be verified and it is part of what led the courts to make their decision. Even from the other party they tried to close the case by asking us for money, but I wanted the whole truth to be known because I was sure that there was nothing to hide, I was not willing to pay for something that was only dirtying my name, “said Pulgar.

The woman, in any case, never accused the soccer player, who testified only as a witness because he owned the house where the alleged events took place.

“They were pure lies”

“When they told me that a complaint about sexual abuse in my house had arrived, what I felt was sadness. Although I knew that nothing had happened, I already imagined all the commotion that was going to be generated. I still took it calmly, we already knew that this would end as it ended, with the case filed because they were pure lies and nothing ever happened, “added the athlete.

Finally, Pulgar highlighted that “many people trusted me and showered me with messages of support and affection, so that good things can also come out of all the bad. Hopefully all those who wrote or said wrong things take the time and dedicate the same space to clarify the truth.