Epic Games prohibits the participation of adult movie actress in Fortnite Battle Royale tournament | video games | stream | SPORT-PLAY

Several adult film actresses found in a platform to keep in touch with your followers. Sasha Grey, for example, after exploring the world of books, now streams on the purple platform, as is the case with Adriana Chechik, who left her career as an actress behind to explore gaming.

This last former actress has more than 700 thousand followers on her Twitch profile, which began sharing videos since August 2019. Of course, now she wants to take a step forward with her gameplays by registering for the Twitch Rivals tournament.

Nevertheless, made the decision to prohibit participation, despite the fact that the streaming platform did not object.

i think last night [Epic Games] decided not to admit me because of my work in adult film. So I was kicked out of the tournament because of my past and adult work. Epic Games doesn’t support my past, but that’s fine. I’m used to this so it’s ok”, she detailed.

Given these statements, the developer company of was forced to share a statement about it: “We are very sorry this has happened. The request to @TwitchRivals to work with you was to remove the adult references from the background of your stream due to our game’s rating. We have no problem with you attending events or streaming Fortnite.”

Adriana Chechik joins Twitch

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