“Enough of this shit…!”: Mauricio Pinilla got angry and announces a lawsuit for controversial fur

Former soccer player Mauricio Pinilla issued a strong warning against people and the media who have spread alleged meetings with the well-known escort Natthy Chilena and the influencer Naya Fácil. He qualified everything as false information.

This week Natthy Chilena appeared on Instagram recounting alleged details of those meetings and also accused him of drugging the girls he met with. All this denied by the ex-sportsman.

Through their stories in instagram, Pinilla said she did not know Naya Fácil and indeed, the influencer denied the alleged meeting. “Enough of making up news and dirtying my name for free. I don’t know that lady!” Wrote the former “U” player.

That is why it confirmed the initiation of legal actions. “My lawyers are working so that all the latest things that have come out reach justice. I will go to the last consequences, ”he warned.

Pinilla mentioned some entertainment media and said that “they will all go to court for publishing and viralizing 100% false information. I got bored of this dirty fucking game! Enough of this bullshit!” he insisted.

About his ex-wife

It was also in the news in the last hours, the statement of Pinilla’s ex-wife, Gissella Gallardo, who publicly asked Natthy “to stop talking about the father of my children. I ask for their peace of mind, ”he wrote.

In this regard, Pinilla said that “please do not ask me more about my ex-wife. I wish him all the success in the world in his journalistic facet and in his life in general.

The former La Roja forward also revealed that “she, as she has confirmed to me, has had relationships with other people in recent times and I hope she finds love and is ultra-mega happy.”

“But do not invent more things for the sake of our children. Affection and respect will always be present ”, closed the current communicator.