England, the Netherlands and five other teams have given up wearing the rainbow genet in Qatar

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The possible sports sanctions imposed by FIFA pushed England back, which will not wear the bracelet this Monday multicolor that aims to highlight the injustices that are experienced in Qatar.

In a last-minute decision, prior to the clash against Iran that marks the World Cup debut of the “Three Lions”, the English federation (FA, for its acronym in English) abandoned the idea of ​​wearing this rainbow bracelet in support of the “OneLove” movement, which aims to illustrate the injustices and violations of human rights in Qatar, especially those that attack the LGBTQI + movement.

Harry Kane, captain of England, was to wear this armband and, Together with the FA, he assured that he did not mind exposing himself to sanctions. However, the FA understood that these fines were going to be of an economic nature, and not sporting, as FIFA has threatened.

In case of wearing this braceletinstead of the one imposed by FIFA, Kane would be exposed to being booked as soon as the game begansomething that the FA has taken into consideration when scrapping the idea.

The FA said that it will look for other methods to express its ideas that do not cause sporting sanctions to its selection.

In addition to England, the Federation of the Netherlands (KNVB) also confirmed that its captain, Virgil van Dijk, will not wear the “One Love” armband in his first game of the Qatar World Cup 2022 this Monday against Senegal, after FIFA has officially communicated that if he does so he will receive a yellow card hours before the match.

Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland also refused to carry it.