End to the mystery! They reveal what the Saudi Arabian player told Messi during the commented meeting

Speculations of all kinds generated the images of a player from Saudi Arabia rebuking Lionel Messi during the match that became a historic embarrassment for the Argentine National Team.

After the goal that sealed the 2-1 victory for the Arabs, Ali Al-Bulaihi quickly approached the albiceleste star, touched his back and dedicated a few words to him. On the 10th he looked at him strangely, seriously, and he continued walking without answering.

What did he tell you?

The game ended and Argentina was the reason for ridicule around the world for the defeat, but it was left in doubt what the Arab defender said to the “Flea”.

Hours later, Al-Bulaihi was asked about the episode by the outlet. GOAL and then he released the firm: “I told him that he would not win. I touched his shirt and told him that he would not win, ”the player clarified.