end of special diets does not rhyme with big savings

Margaux Fodere
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06:10, January 12, 2023

Among the major measures announced by the executive for pension reform is the abolition of the main special schemes. If the government justified this choice by highlighting the savings possible thanks to this change, the reality would not be so simple, and the savings not so great.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne presented the long-awaited pension reform on Tuesday evening. Among the key changes, the retirement age set at 64, a minimum pension of 1,200 euros, but also the end of the main special schemes for new entrants. This last project is presented as one of the measures aimed at avoiding a deficit pension system. In reality, however, the end of special diets will not save much money.

Officials not involved

One of the reasons is that the reform does not affect civil servants, apart from raising the legal retirement age. However, they represent the majority of special diets, ie 4.5 million people out of nearly 5 million in total. The civil servants’ pension system also hides a significant deficit, “even if it is not considered as such in accounting terms”, explains Emmanuel Grimaud, founding president of Maximis Retraite.

“The community finances 30 billion for public service expenditure, which leaves earlier than private sector employees, even if it is to disappear, and with a different calculation formula.” According to Emmanuel Grimaud, “the reform will not have a very strong impact on this deficit in the public service”.

A measure applied to future recruits

The end of the special regimes will also not allow savings to be made any time soon, since the measure will only apply to future recruits who will not be retired before at least 40 years. “The first people who will be in the general scheme for these special schemes, at the RATP for example, will be the people who will be hired from September 1, 2023”, specifies the president of Maximis Retraite.

The government has also recognized it itself, it is above all a measure of fairness.