Empress Summer and Mr. Meeseeks have met in Fortnite

After Rick Sanchez and Robomorty arrive Empress Summer and Mr. Meeseeks. Empress Summer and Mr. Meeseeks outfits are available in the item shop, along with accessories that will be the envy of the squad throughout the match… assuming you you want stay all the time.

By the way, since Empress Summer herself has promoted Robomorty to associate head of security, the suit is back. Gather the family so they can be together.

Check them out: Empress Summer and Mr. Meeseeks outfits

Glory to Gloria! The empress of the glorzos, the Empress Summeris now available in the item shop and includes the backpack accessory Egg of Glorzo (because that’s what Glorzo orders). And, of course, you can’t miss the Mr Meeseekswhich is already available in the store and includes the backpacking accessory Box by meeseeks (No, you can’t summon another Mr. Meeseeks to help you win.)

Glorzo wants you to stay, so read on.

More objects to find

Fortnite Queen Summer and Mr. Meeseeks Accessories

Backpacking accessories are not the only accessories. Get Empress Summer’s alien eating utensil, the reckless fork pickaxe and the hang glider Glorzo’s fighter ship, built to defend the glory of Glorzo. To go to the game with Mr. Meeseeks, practice the game in short with the Pickaxe Summoned Katana and enter the battle with the hang glider Demonstration meeseeks as if your life depended on it.

Robomorty returns

Fortnite Mecha Morty

Don’t leave home without your Morty. The Robomorty suit returns to the item shop along with the rest of the Morty set, C-137:

Fulfill your purpose for a victory royale (or be eliminated immediately if that’s what you want).