Emanuelle Silva | From the possible retirement to a joy abroad: “I got ahead”

Almost a week after her great achievement at the Odesur Games, Emanuelle Silva (29) speaks with AS. The skater won the 200 meters finish line test and was in charge of giving the first gold medal to Team Chile in Asunción. The athlete is happy and reflects: “No matter how much you prepare things, there will always be obstacles, but it is our decision how to handle that.” And he found the balance to succeed.

Silva, who in 2011 was world champion at the youth level, takes advantage of remembering the barriers he has had to overcome: “A few years ago I was injured in full competition and the doctors told me that Either I got used to it and saw a way to continue with my sports career, or I better retire”. A lumbar disc disease put him in check, but he chose not to lower his arms. “I changed more than 80% of my work team and got through my injury,” he says.

Silva’s powerful message in his celebration

After winning the gold medal in Paraguay, Emanuelle Silva wrote a long message on her Instagram profile and drew attention to this phrase.

“It’s been a long time since we, the athletes, have tried to put pride, individuality and rivalry aside. We have been able to train together without anyone forcing us. The change starts with one. Changes that have shown great results and that yes or yes I wanted to mention”.

Now, Silva explains the background of his expression. “Many people close to the Chilean race skate know that The National Team is very divided for various reasons: political, personal… Pride, perhaps. didn’t look like a teambut a couple of years ago, we as athletes began little by little small changes to solve that, such as training together in full preparation to enter the National Team, taking into account that among ourselves we would play the entrance to a selective, to give you an example”, he says.

And he continues: “The thing is that many people still do not understand that the changes start with one and sometimes they think that the leaders are the ones who started with everything. And that annoys me a little, that they imply that, because we had spent more than five years where the leaders did nothing to unite. It is the most critical side of Emanuelle Silva, who is now getting ready for the World Championship in Argentina, where she is aiming high. “My goal is to be a champion”, he closes it.