Elon Musk seeks to conquer all continents with Starlink

Elon Musk aims to reach all continents, including Antarctica, with its satellite Internet constellation star link.

through your account Twitter, South African tycoon Elon Musk announced that his Starlink service will reach various parts of the world, «thanks to the world’s largest constellation of highly advanced satellites operating in a low orbit around the Earth«.

Previously, Elon Musk would have confirmed the deployment of SpaceX of 54 additional satellites of the Starlink constellation.

SpaceX conceives the Starlink project as a network of thousands of satellites in low orbits to provide high-speed, low-latency Internet services throughout the world.

Since the first launch, in May 2019, SpaceX launched more than 3,000 Starlink satellites into orbit.

What does Starlink offer?

According to the Starlink website, the following attributes of this bet are described: Musk. Among them stand out that:

  • Users can participate in activities that have not historically been possible with satellite Internet.
  • your satellites They are located about 550 km high covering the whole world
  • They offer a good high speed and low latency service, which are located about 35 thousand km.
  • They detail that the Starlink kit comes with everything you need to get connectivity in a matter of minutes, including the Starlink, Wi-Fi router, cables and base.
  • Starlink offers this service with the portability add-on for $25 per month.

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