Elon Musk scratched his pocket to buy Twitter, but only offered public exposure to Sam Barlow to get his game on Teslas

Elon Musk is on everyone’s lips in recent days. The owner of Tesla has caused a real earthquake on twitter After buying the social network and some of its future steps are beginning to raise users’ eyebrows.

However, one of Musk’s main business focuses is Tesla. The car company produces high-end vehicles with features as special as being able to play video games. Looking to expand the library, the company contacted Sam Barlow, creator of Her Story.

Tesla once got in touch to ask to put Her Story on a car. I asked how much they would pay for the license and to cover the engineering work; they indicated that zero, that it take into account the exposure that it would obtain.

As Barlow relates, the offer only carried the payment in the form of exposure to the public, which is totally ridiculous. “Her Story in a car is still one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard”, indicates in another tweet the person in charge of immortality.

As if that were not enough, a member of Panic, a company that edited Untitled Goose Game, replied to Barlow revealing that they received the same proposal from Elon Musk. Of course, the answer was negative. Meanwhile, the new goal on the horizon for Panic is the release of play date all over the world.