Elon Musk buys Twitter: personal data protection must remain a priority

The world is changing, including social networks globally. Recently, Elon Musk acquired officially twitter, which is likely to start a new era in the company’s development. Nevertheless, the security of users and the protection of their personal data remains the most important challenge, regardless of events in the organization.

For this reason, experts from Kaspersky prepared some tips for Twitter users to help them protect their privacy and the security of personal data in their accounts, as well as highlighting how the processing and storage of information globally may change in the future and what can be changed. do about it.

What can you do to protect your personal data?

  1. Regularly check which apps have access to your Twitter account: since some can review contacts, personal data, phone numbers, or email addresses. To secure and protect them, it is safer to restrict the access of all unnecessary apps. This information can be checked in the section security and account access.
  2. Prevent other users from finding your account with your phone number or email: this can help prevent cybercriminals from using such information. However, by default, other Twitter users can find your account using this data.
    Your profile information can also help them to carry out phishing attacks, so we recommend disabling this feature with the following steps:

● Open the menu by touching the icon in the upper left corner of the screen;

● Go to the Settings and Privacy section.

● Select Privacy and Security;

● Enter the Discovery and Contacts section;

● Clear the check marks next to: Allow others to find you by email and Allow others to find you by phone.

  1. Two-Step Verification can save your account from possible attacks: adding the second layer of protection will stop most scammers. In addition, users will be aware of any attempts by third parties to access their accounts and personal data.
  2. Be careful what you post online; most of our digital footprints are created by us, and over-sharing can have unintended consequences.
  3. Email phishing focuses on tricking users into handing over their account credentials to the cybercriminal by posing as a Twitter contact. Do not provide any confidential information as it is likely to be a scam.

What can you do to keep your account and data private?

● Twitter has its own online bullying help center to help and advise you.

● Disable geotags on tweets; you can do it in the Privacy and Security section.

The extension in the filters of the notifications allows you to choose the accounts from which you can receive notifications. For example, they may not receive notifications from users without a profile picture.

● An effective measure is also block users. This prevents blocked accounts from posting, viewing your tweets, and reading your feed.

● Twitter’s Special Help Center will provide you with all the necessary tools to protect your personal information Y tweet.

“Although companies have a responsibility to protect user data, it is also their responsibility to safeguard their accounts. Using two-factor authentication, especially with an authenticator app or security key, provides the most protection. Also, you have to take into account everything that is published and who can read it, since most of our digital footprint is generated by ourselves, and sharing too much on Twitter, as well as on any other social network, can have unexpected consequences ” , it states Vladislav Tushkanov, Chief Data Scientist at Kaspersky.

On the website of Kaspersky Privacy Checker you will find more tips to strengthen control over personal data.