“Either you tell your dad or I …”: Pancho Saavedra revealed husband’s warning to marry

A sincere confession was made this Thursday by Pancho Saavedra in the Grill Partners, which is directly related to his love affair with Jorge Uribe.

Everything arose in the middle of the interview that together with Jorge Zabaleta and Pedro Ruminot they did to Monserrat Álvarez. At that minute, the communicator revealed the request that her husband made to marry.

“‘Either you tell your father or I’m not getting married, but this thing about you being hidden, bye,” said Saavedra, who had no choice but to tell his parents about his sexual orientation.

After cardboard, the animator of Places that speak told details of how he faced the situation with his family.

“My father, a 70-year-old man, another generation, a dictatorship involved (…) In fact, I gradually took out my backpacks, because one grows up with a lot of fear of rejection,” he said.

For the same reason, he revealed that bringing this situation to light was rather due to the request made to him than due to a personal desire. “He had a lot of patience,” he commented on his partner, who waited for him for several years before he decided to tell his secret.

But that is not all. In addition, Pancho told what the reasons were for not saying anything about it in his family and not publicly.

Pancho Saavedra’s reflection

“I thought they were going to fire me, lose other jobs. Young people have to learn to get rid of those fears, you can’t live with that on your back. There are people who end up taking their own lives, ”she reflected.

Finally, he remembered the moment when he decided to have said conversation with his dad.

“I told him everything the same day, I am gay and I am getting married. The bucket of cold water shot up. My father started pouting and he says to me: ‘Who abused you? Did someone abuse you? That’s all I want to know’. Dad, I’m the same as a minute ago, ”he uncased.

In addition, he revealed what his mother told him about it. “’I cried one day, but when I realized that you were the same person, the subject was over,’” she concluded.

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