Eight injured and two fractured in the Arengazo albo: Colo Colo fans cause the roof to collapse in the Monumental

the arengazo, the crowded public training that Colo Colo usually does on the main pitch of the Monumental Stadium before important matches almost ends in tragedy. The roof of the Cordillera stand, one of the sectors authorized to receive the fans who would pay their last breath to Gustavo Quinteros’ team before the clash against the Crusaders, collapsed, which could have serious consequences.

A considerable number of barristas improperly located themselves on top of the structure, which caused it to collapse.. Two advertising signs fell on the sector. So far, no official information has been known regarding the existence of injuries. Preliminarily, eight injuries have been reported, two of them fractured.

The incident occurs in the same week that Barristas from Universidad Católica caused the interruption of the match between the Crusaders and Universidad de Chile, for the quarterfinals of the Chile Cup, by launching fireworks. One of those artifacts hit the blue goalkeeper Martin Parrawho suffered severe acoustic trauma, from which he is still trying to recover.

After the complex situation, the white team’s practice was suspended, so the team immediately went to the locker room.

The Arengazo is an activity permitted by the authorities, which has already been carried out on numerous previous occasions. In fact, advance planning is carried out, in which the capacity that will be authorized for the meeting is established. White fans usually occupy the Cordillera stand and part of the Galvarino town to complete the eight thousand quotas that are allowed.

The incident that occurred on this day inevitably recalls a situation that did end with the worst results: in 1993, as a result of a visit from Real Madrid, the same phenomenon occurred: as a result of the weight of the fans who occupied that site, part of the roof gave way. That time, there was one death and 77 people were injured..