Egg Fuenzalida for a hard family moment: “Nothing will throw me out”

“To continue giving my best, lighting my path and that of others,” added the entertainer.

The entertainer Daniel Fuenzalida revealed through his social networks that is going through a difficult family timebut assured that “noada will throw it away”.

Through your account Instagram the “Egg” Fuenzalida He wrote a post recounting the hardships he’s been through over the past week.

“The last week has not been easy, except these last few days, my dad a little delicate health but nothing that we can’t go out one more time and win!” he reported. The animator ofI beat” did not detail the father’s health problem, but posted photos outside a care facility.

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In this sense, he added: “nothing will kick me outto continue giving my best, lighting my path and that of others”.

To conclude, he thanked the support he has received in this difficult moment: “Gthank you for all the shows of affectionto my family, friends, channel and radio colleagues, of contradiction, and all the public that immense but immense affection, they went too far!

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