Eduardo Fuentes and Carmen Gloria Arroyo offered an apology on the TVN broadcast medium for a particular reason

This Friday, in the middle of the broadcasts reporting on the forest fires that affected Viña del Mar, Eduardo Fuentes and Carmen Gloria Arroyo apologized to TVN viewers for a particular detail.

It is worth mentioning that the state channel changed its programming to dedicate itself to informing about the catastrophe that hit the commune, bringing together several faces of the station to direct the Levantemos a Viña block, according to Page 7.

Due to the contingency, the channel broadcast almost non-stop and deployed its teams to different sectors to inform the population about what was happening in Viña.

However, after spending several hours of non-stop programming, at one point they had to do several commercial breaks in less than an hour.

Let’s raise Viña, TVN

It was thus that Carmen Gloria Arroyo and Eduardo Fuentes, who were hosting the block during the afternoon, apologized to the viewers and explained the reason for the breaks.

Fuentes had to announce that they would take another break, so the lawyer addressed the people who tuned in to the channel. “Let’s apologize because we have made about three breaks in a row,” said Carmen Gloria.

“We have been in a very long transmission, but we have commercial commitments to fulfill. For that, excuse us,” added Eduardo.

Carmen Gloria joked about the commercial breaks, which had caused some comments on social networks.

“They are making donations to us, ma’am, so we have to pay them. Excuse us, “commented the lawyer before going to the commercials.