EA confirmed that it is already working on the next Sims video game

After spending years adding new features and improvements to Sims 4EA finally confirmed that it already has its sights on what it would be The Sims 5.

Although the company did not formally announce Sims 4this week and in the context of “The Sims Summit” it was confirmed that a team has started work on the next generation of The Sims.”

For now that video game is known as Project Rene (Rene Project) Y, according to EAfans can wait “Great innovations in how they can customize and create their worlds, how Sims will behave and think, and how players can share their favorite ways to play with their friends across their favorite devices.”

Naturally all this sounds quite general and although it is promising it is still difficult to think about how it will materialize in the game, so to understand the ambitions of the next installment in the saga of The Sims you need to review your ad.

In that segment that begins at minute 26:48 of the video that you can see later, it is explained that Project Rene aims to promote the social and creative aspects of The Simsso while there will be more customization options like the ability to change the shape of objects, there will also be a function to share our inventions with friends. All while the proposal also contemplates the idea of ​​playing the same title on different devices.

This new game The Sims It doesn’t have a release date yet, but the updates will be at least for the next two years and all of this is just in the early stages.