“Dybala is a leader although he seems to be 12 years old”

Paulo Dybala drove half of Rome crazy. The tifosi giallorossi vibrated with the arrival of the Argentine from Juventus to reinforce a team that had just won the first edition of the Conference League.

The attacker has been a remarkable reinforcement for a team that has its star above Tammy Abraham. The Englishman is delighted with the arrival of the Argentine striker to Jose Mourinho’s team and praises both his talent and his character.

“It is as good as in FIFA. He has much talent. He provides leadership although physically he looks like he is 12 years old. He has the experience of winning with Juventus and that’s what we need, “he acknowledged in a somewhat joking tone in an interview with the English newspaper Daily Mail.

In this talk with Danny Murphy, former Liverpool player and English international, Abraham also highlighted the figure of Jose Mourinho and how he has influenced his way of facing challenges. “He is one of the best group managers. He knows how to talk to the players and the best way to deal with each one. In my case, he never tells me how well I’m doing. At the break he never says ‘well done’ to me even though I think I’m playing well. He always wants you to do better. ABefore the Conference semi-final against Leicester, he pulled me into a room and said, ‘Tam, you’re not doing well enough.’ He surprised me because he scored in the previous match. I asked him what he wanted to tell me and he told me that he was not seeing the same. He motivated me and I ended up scoring the winning goal against Leicester”, he acknowledged.

He left Chelsea, where he had been since he was seven years old, but recognized the difficulties of playing in London. Now, happy from Italy, he points to the difficult task of playing high up with the blues. “I remember that Lukaku said that at Inter he saw more of the door than Chelsea, which requires more play from the back and combining. It made me think about my way of playing before and now. Midfielders and defenders are vital for Chelsea, so playing up front is lonely work and can be difficult. I think it is not true that there is a curse on the 9. There are different reasons for each player, ”he pointed out.

The Englishman is doing well in Italy and defends the path started by Jadon Sancho to seek opportunities outside the Premier League. “People are afraid of change. I can look back and say that I am proud to have played in Italy. Live a different life. Sancho is the best exampleeither. When he left for Dortmund I thought “why?”. But he played brilliantly and gave others the confidence to try. Bellingham did and so did Tomori and I in Italy. We played well and broke the door down. Sancho opened the eyes of many people”, he sentences.

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