Dwayne Johnson’s superhero isn’t part of DC’s immediate future

regime change in DC keep making changes. First ‘Wonder Woman 3’ was canceledthen it was learned that henry cavill I was not going to return to play Superman and now it is ‘Black Adam 2’ the project that will not go ahead. It is evident that the flop at the box office of the first installment has had a lot to do with this decision.

It has been Dwayne Johnson himself who has confirmed that the character of Black Adam not part of DC’s immediate futuresince it is not included in “the first episode“of the universe that DC is organizing. Of course, the actor has clarified that they will continue to explore”the most valuable forms” in which the superhero could appear in the future of this universe.

Considering that it took Johnson 15 years to materialize The first delivery, I do not doubt that he continues with the idea that Black Adam will reappear in the future. A separate issue is that James Gunn and Peter Safran end up finding a place for the superhero who was called to change the hierarchy of DC…

Let’s not forget either that it seems that there are Warner executives who have accused to johnson’s filter false information about the profitability of the first delivery to make it look like a success. It’s hard to imagine that they want to collaborate with the actor again in the near future if that’s true…

Of course, the first thing will be to finish putting order in the chaos that has been mounted lately in DC. Then there will be time to assess whether to recover Johnson even in a secondary appearance. That is more likely, because even Gunn has highlighted that he is looking forward to collaborating with Seven Bucks, Johnson’s production company, soon.

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