Dwarf Fortress sold almost half a million copies in December

Dwarf Fortress, the indie game that puts us in control of a society of dwarves, became a huge success and as recently learned the game sold nearly half a million units during the month of December.

The game from Bay 12 Games, launched on Steam on December 6, and has improved graphics instead of the “ASCII” text or graphics that the original version released 20 years ago had.

The information was released by the game’s programmer and co-designer, Tarn Adams, who also mentioned that “In January we are going to start the exciting new era of having more than one programmer on the project! I have no idea how long it will take to speed things up etc, but this should eventually help with bug fixes, ports and more. This at least frees me up more time for features, and maybe we’ll figure out how to get multiple people involved in them as well.”

“More bug fixes and quality of life stuff will come, and the arena will come. So I’ll probably be working on adventure mode while more patches arrive, but I don’t expect to be able to start adventure mode this month while we’re working out all this and arena mode is yet to come.”