Due to a miscalculation: Colo Colo’s unusual mistake could leave him without one of his greatest promises

Although everything seems to be joy and tranquility in Colo Colo after winning the National Championship, it is not so. In the midst of shaping the squad for next season, where they hope to fight it all, the whites have already added their first reinforcement, goalkeeper Fernando De Paul, but they also fear losing one of his greatest promises. And in the worst way…

During his report on Sports in Agriculturethe journalist Cristián Alvarado gave an account of the carelessness that the albos made, since Joan Cruz, a talented 19-year-old midfielder, called to be one of the next great players in national football, ends his contract and will keep his pass now in December.

What happened? The player, I was used to Patricio Ormazábal’s payroll for the South American Sub 20, had an automatic renewal contract for which certain requirements had to be met… but that did not happen.

“At the moment, the player is without a club. He is not a Colo Colo player, ”said the reporter. And he immediately added that “just like Daniel Gutiérrez, Joan Cruz had a current contract until now, which was automatically renewed for one more season, with an improvement in salary.”

However, here comes the important thing: according to Alvarado, “Gutiérrez automatically renewed because he fulfilled a minimum number of games mentioned, 30 percent. Joan Cruz did not comply with them, he was not able to be in 27 percent of the citations and in this scenario, the player does not renew automatically ”.

Faced with this scenario, the albos apparently came out with everything and would be in negotiations to try to convince one of the jewels of their quarry to remain in Macul.

What would have been the mistake? In the calculation, all the appearances of Joan Cruz in squad concentrations were counted, but the same was not done with the times that he was included in the squad before commitments.