Dualsense Edge gaming news: Sony’s new pro controller price is all the rage

Dualsense Edge: the price of the new professional control of Sony provokes reactions

On the agenda for this day, October 21, 2022, we begin with resident Evil, who makes his big return after Silent Hill. Next, PlayStation reveals the price of his pro controller, and finally, a Frenchman wants to build Hogwarts. The diary is on!

PlayStation reveals the price of the professional controller, and it stings

Presented last August by Sony, the new driver pro Dualsense Edge was to allow players to create their own gaming experience. Several features can be expected, such as Stick and trigger sensitivity, interchangeable sticks, with a USB-C cable and junction box. Great new features, but certainly at a cost The command will cost 239.99 euros and will go on sale on January 26.

After Silent Hill, it’s the big return of Resident Evil!

Resident Evil’s showcase capcom revealed a lot of information about the future of the saga. During this event, the remake of Resident Evil 4 was highlighted, with a gameplay video and a trailer with Leon S. Kennedy as the protagonist. The RE engine gives a new impetus to Leon’s adventures and the atmosphere is very present. The release of the game is scheduled for March 24 on PlayStation, xbox series and PCs.

A Frenchman wants to build Hogwarts castle.

This is the story of Valerian LasseyteValérian Lasseyte is a video artist from Aubagne whose dream is to build Hogwarts castle. The man took it all on himself and decided to start working in Lozère. However, the price is not cheap and unfortunately he has no budget for it. A video presentation of the project is currently on YouTube.