“Drunk slept on a 14-year-old boy”: the crude story in the accusation of sexual abuse against actor Kevin Spacey

A shocking phrase was pronounced by Peter Saghir’s lawyer during the first part of the trial against Kevin Spacey, held last Thursday, October 6, in the New York federal court room.

“Drunk and shaky, Kevin Spacey lay on top of Anthony Rapp to satisfy his own sexual desires at a party in Manhattan in 1986, when Rapp was just 14 years old and Spacey was 26,” the professional said.

The protagonist of the popular series “House of cards” is in full trial for rape: “What happened to Anthony is something that should never have happened,” continued the lawyer.

Saghir revealed to the jury that at that moment his client was “frozen” when the actor decided to cross the limits. Both the victim, who filed the complaint in court two years ago, and the accused were present in court.

Kevin Spacey outside the court

“He invented everything”

For his part, Spacey is defended by lawyer Jennifer Keller, who during this first day refuted Rapp’s claims, and assured that at that time he was a “young man with problems” and that he invented everything.

“Mr. Rapp created a story 36 years ago and has been telling it ever since to sympathize, draw attention and raise his profile,” she said.

And he also defined him as “bitter” and “full of latent resentment” for not having become “an international star” like his client.

Anthony Rapp
Anthony Rapp